Church helps burnt-out coffee farmers

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(L-R) Zepheniah McKenzie says his three acres of coffee were just bearing when they went up in smoke along with banana, plantain and other fruit trees. Seventy-year-old Elsie Roberts is accompanied by her dog as she makes her way to her farm. She said this was the worst bush fire she had ever seen since living in Richmond Gap almost all her life. Farmer Ephraim Tate explains how he watched helplessly as the fire destroyed his 1,000 coffee plants

A local church body has joined the effort to rehabilitate coffee farms in the hills of St Andrew that were ravaged by bush fires in May.

Last Friday, the Church of God of Prophecy, through Bishop Rudolph Daley, donated $110,000 to the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) toward the rebuilding process.

The church also donated coffee seedlings and fertilisers to the effort.

“Most of our brethren plant coffee and other things, so we thought it necessary to pool some funds… to help build back our industry,” Daley said during the presentation at the JAS Church Street head office in downtown Kingston.

“So many times we hear that the church is not doing anything and the church is silent. We are glad that the media is here to let them know that we are doing something. And so, we in Kingston and St Andrew are going to let Jamaica know that we are a holistic organisation,” the clergyman said.

The fires that ravaged vast swaths of coffee farms across Mavis Bank are said to have cost millions of dollars in losses to farmers and the industry, which produce the world-renowned Blue Mountain Coffee.

On Friday, Norman Grant, the JAS president and CEO of Mavis Bank Coffee Factory, expressed appreciation for the donation and said the company would be providing $500,000 worth of seedlings and chemicals to farmers.


Published By: The Observer

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$92m spent to support more than 2,000 farmers – government

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Published:Thursday | September 3, 2015

The government says it has spent $92 million to support more than 2,000 farmers over the past two years to combat the effects climate change. 

The support falls under the global Adaptation Fund which was established in 2001 under the Kyoto Protocol to finance concrete adaptation programmes in developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.

Agriculture Minister, Derrick Kellier said the support was provided through various infrastructure and capacity-building initiatives undertaken in St Thomas, St Mary, St Ann, Trelawny, Manchester, Clarendon and St Catherine.

He pointed to several improvements including the increase in production of crops such as onions, Irish potato and hot peppers.

Kellier noted that the interventions provided under the project have contributed just under $1 billion to the livelihood of the farmers, including women and young people.

However, the Agriculture Minister, says a number of the farming communities are facing difficulties to boost their production because of the terrain on which they farm and the unavailability of adequate farm implements to facilitate proper land preparation.

He says the government, along with the Adaptation Fund, has partnered with Food for the Poor to donate hand tractors to the farmers.

published by The Gleaner.

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Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera is a stemless or very short-stemmed succulent plant. The leaves are thick and fleshy, green to grey-green, with some varieties showing white flecks on their upper and lower stem surfaces. The margin of the leaf is serrated and has small white teeth.


Aloe is rich in calcium and potassium and vitamin B-12.  Aloe Vera is very useful in strengthening and cleansing to the entire body. The best way to use this herb is to break off a leaf, slice it down the middle, and apply the gel to the skin.

Aloe Vera Benefits


Aloe vera juice is crammed full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals making it one of nature’s most effective cleansers.

Supports the immune system

Aloe vera is packed full of immune-boosting polysaccharides which help the immune system to behave properly.

Hair growth

Full of natural vitamins and enzymes that can directly promote healthy hair.

Excellent for digestion

It’s worth trying for anyone who suffers with digestion problems like IBS. Its healing and soothing properties can help with the painful symptoms.

An easy way to boost your vitamin and mineral intake

Aloe vera juice is packed with vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and folic acid. It’s also rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium and potassium.


Aloe vera juice contains leaf pulp that is rich in natural nutrients and fiber. This well-known herbal remedy for the skin also has many benefits for internal healing, cleansing and repair when ingested as a nutritional drink.


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The guinep tree is native to the northern countries in South America and has the scientific name Melicoccus Bijugatus, although it is known by a lot of different names in different countries. Even within the English speaking Caribbean the guinep is known by the name of chenette in Trinidad & Tobago, limoncillo in the Bahamas and ackee in Barbados

Guinep is a fun fruit to eat. It’s great for eating out-of-hand and it’s also used to make juice, jam, and jelly. Just crack the thin skin with your teeth and pop the juicy seed in your mouth.

The Jamaican guinep has several great benefits, with only 58 calories in a healthy serving, the guinep contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, ash, calcium, thiamine phosphorus, iron, carotene, riboflavin, ascorbic and amino acids.

Tip: Be careful of the guinep juice because it will stain your clothes. Eat only ripe guineps, otherwise they may be toxic. Guineps should only be given to children with caution/supervision because of the possibility of choking on the large seeds.


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Bush Doctor Natural Treatment – Very Important Information –

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Parts of Portland

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